Let’s Judge Your Book By Its Blurb

Let's Judge Your Book By Its Cover/Create books that sell well

A blurb is a short sales pitch on the back cover of a book or its dust jacket that hints at the content of the book. When it is an eBook, it is called an excerpt.

Blurbs have been around since forever, the name was coined in 1907 and the concept itself has metamorphosed from including a picture to being just words composed by the author, the publisher or simply a showcase of critics’ reviews. However, the basic intention remains – to get people to buy the book they are perusing.

the blurb is as important as the title.

A book’s blurb is an important sales tool that creatively communicates the contents of the book to intending buyers. No matter how engaging and important the content of a book is, if the blurb cannot capture a reader’s interest, the book project may not be a financial success. It is important to spend adequate time writing a book’s blurb.

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How do we craft a selling blurb? The first thing is to think of it as an advert piece aimed to draw in onlookers. Writers should think like a prospective reader and at the same time, assume a salesman stance while writing a blurb and focus on the major points of the book. It must be short enough to spellbind and should not reveal everything.

Points to Note When Writing a Blurb for Fiction

  • Introduce your main characters
  • Use a lot of emotion-evoking words
  • Ask questions that hint at mysterious happenings, dilemma or socially unacceptable outcomes.
  • Use hyperboles
  • Use positive reviews by popular critics or famous people.

Points to Note When Writing a Blurb for Non-fiction

  • Mention the problem and hint at the solution
  • Position it as THE authority on the subject matter
  • Use professional but accessible words
  • You can use bullet points to itemize the solutions the book offers.


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