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When you commission us to edit your fiction or other book-length manuscripts, we treat it as a project.
After the preliminary discussions, we use your synopsis or the actual manuscript to create a style sheet (a document that pinpoints your language and grammar preferences and guides our work) and send to you for approval.
We start with developmental editing. At this first stage, we read through the manuscript for plot plausibility, plot holes, narrative flow, character development, and timelapse inconsistencies. This stage requires some heavy back and forth between writer and editor (sometimes). We choose the time and medium that is most convenient for our client (i.e. email, calls or even Whatsapp) to encourage quick responses.

BMS Editorial
Once we are done with that stage, we move on to line editing to smoothen out the sentence structure, paragraph and section breaks, conversation flow, sense and plausibility.
Next is the copyediting stage. We read through to ensure standard and consistent spelling, paragraph indentation and punctuation. We flag similarities in characters’ names or events; also to ensure grammar is in quality shape.
After this, we proofread a final time to erase widow and orphan lines, flag short lines and as a quality control check against errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and professional layout.


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